And so the washing machine is broken again and although i know what is wrong with it, the pump thingamejig is not pumping the water out (clearly this is not the first time this washing machine has broken) alas, i cannot fix it myself.

This means that there are several loads of “waiting to be washed” piles of laundry lined up on the kitchen floor, the family is running out of clean clothes to wear and the October budget which was already a bit dodgy is off to a very shaky start.

My husband, who is not a D.I.Y man himself, says it is because i put too much in the washing machine at the same time.  He could be right but in my defence i would far rather be running than doing laundry which tempts me every time to try and get two loads done in one.

So while there is nothing i can do about the washing machine there is a pair of tackies calling my name.  Household chores be damned i am going for a run.