So this weekend the family and i headed off to Oudtshoorn for a few days, one of our favourite weekend away destinations and of course my running tackies came with.  Now normally when i suggest family time away my husband just knows there is a running event involved somewhere but this time there wasn’t.

Fortunately us runners are quite a resourceful lot and have very bendy arms so all i needed to do was send an email to the local running club asking for a running partner and although their club run is on Saturday it was not at all difficult to twist someones arm to join me on Sunday morning.

So i found a running partner who not only brought his gorgeous collie dog but also his wonderful wife who stopped every few km’s to give us and the dog water.  Now i know that runners are very decent people, being one myself, but i thought this was really running hospitality at its best.

We ran the Vergelegen dirt road which was pretty much uphill the first 7 km’s, this meant hard work and a lot of sweat but the views were so worth it;  low scrub bush, beautiful veld flowers due to recent rains and red mountain folds as far as the eye could see.  A different kind of beautiful to what we are used to in Plettenberg Bay but no less awe inspiring.

So if you are ever in my area please get hold of me and although i can’t promise you a spouse with water (someone has to stay at home looking after the children) i can promise a bendy armed running partner who will be only to happy to take you out on one of our trails.