Sometimes i first write a blog then find a picture to go with it and sometimes i find a picture i really love like this one and it inspires a blog.


This sign made me think so much of my wonderful, ever patient husband who might not always be standing on the side of the road in the early mornings (someone has to look after the children after all) but on many weekend, supposedly sleep in mornings gets woken up before dark by my alarm clock waking me up for my run.  Of course the fumbling around in the dark tripping over various items of clothing and walking into the bathroom door does not help either until eventually i hear a hiss from under the bed covers  “For Goodness sake just turn the light on already.”

I remember not so long ago one early running morning after waking him up once again, getting ready, then going out to my car only to find it would not start because of a flat battery.  Now a normal person might admit defeat and crawl back under the bedcovers but runners do not always operate on the same frequency as others so i went back into the bedroom where my husband was just starting to fall asleep, gently but firmly woke him up again and promised him all sorts of favours if he would just come and push start the car for me.  So there he was in his pajamas, in the pitch dark, in the freezing cold pushing my car down the road.

And although i have always loved him to pieces at that moment i loved him even more.  My very own knight in shining armour, or in this case in his pajamas.