While we all know about the official runners guide R.I.C.E when injured (rest, ice, compress and elevate).  There are very few of us, myself included, who can say that we have not had a shot at the other not so sensible R.I.C.E. shown below.

R.   Resist the niggle that warns you of an incoming injury until resistance is futile and running           is no longer an option.

I.  Insist that this one you can run through.

C.  Curse and complain endlessly to anyone who will listen about the absolute unfairness of             life as an injured runner.

E.  Estimate the exact time to the second until you will be up and running again and so help me      God not a moment longer.

So until all injuries are banished and R.I.C.E. becomes once again just an innocent, depending on which side of the carb fence you sit, portion of food on your plate and not a word that strikes fear into runners everywhere, let’s make like twinkletoes, tread carefully and lightly and run injury free.