In our house it has not been just the two of us for many years, in fact considering our eldest is twelve it has been twelve years since it has been just the two of us.  And although, of course we both adore our children it is really good to spend an evening away without our dearly beloved offspring.

Of course, to make this possible, several others need to be involved.  My extra special mom who has my children for the night and my very good friend, Janine, who although we still disagree on the source of the beautiful spring smell, i swear Janine it is the flowering Wattle Tree, organized us a night at the beautiful Singing Kettle Beach Lodge on (and it is literally on) the Keurbooms Beach.    Singing Kettle Beach Lodge

The plan is to spend time together relaxing and reading (uninterrupted by little people), go out for dinner (my husband’s favourite thing to do) without having to referee who is allowed dessert because of how many peas have or have not been left on their plates and of course my tackies are packed so a run along the beach front for me (my favourite thing to do).

So as i sit here on the balcony with the sea stretched out infront of me i am so grateful. Grateful for the significant others in our life that make this evening possible, grateful that my mom is still so much part of my life, grateful for the four of us that make up our family and grateful for the two of us who despite and maybe because of fifteen years of marriage, twelve years of bringing up children, some pretty devastating times and so many special moments are still very happy to have these ‘Just the two of us’ evenings away.