Hello, this is me again, raving about where we live again.  But honestly how can i not.


This morning’s run was once again amazing and with special people too.  Thank you girls for the chat, yes boys we can talk and run at the same time, it’s called multi tasking.

Thank you Janet for taking photo’s and managing to hold your pants up at the same time (another blog altogether) and thank you Chris for the water point, although i am not sure that this can be classified as multi tasking and not just boy’s being boy’s.

12047584_10156059240345433_78107602_n (2)

A loooong uphill on tar,


some downhill gravel with views that just take your breath away


and the cherry on the top (no you all, not the coffee and breakfast at the end) the last few km’s on Keurboom’s beach, just because the tide was low. Basically 15 km of running paradise on our doorstep.


So, from me and a few other very happy locals, thank you Plettenberg Bay, you do us proud.