So as it turns out the “Man Flu Bug” that visited our household and laid my husband low a week or so ago is not that gender specific.

Unfortunately i am now sick and so now apart from being on the “marmite and toast” diet (please read my recent blog on More reasons to run. to understand this, who would have thought that even in my weakened state i could still promote my blog) i am also forced to eat humble pie.

As well as being not a very good nurse, i am also not a very good patient and the thought of spending the next few days in bed does not inspire me (no comments from the peanut gallery thankyou).

This means that as well as feeling like something the cat dragged in, even worse i am going to have to take a few days off running.  Woe betide my nearest and dearest.

As my husband would say, “Will trade wife for helpful kitchen appliance in good working order, she comes with several pairs of running tackies.”

Here’s to a quick recovery and being back on the road as soon as possible for all concerned.