Full moon and low tide, the perfect combination for an evening beach run and even though on this particular night the full moon was missing in action this did not deter a number of us, young and older from enjoying ourselves.

It was really good to see so many little people giving it their all as the sprinted along the sand in their glow in the dark bangles.  A whole new generation of Plett athletes in the making. Thank you moms and dads for encouraging your children’s “need for speed”.  Those of us who adopted a more “in for the long haul” pace also really enjoyed ourselves.

It is a very special experience running on the beach in the dark, the candles in bags guiding us, the bonfire at the 10 km turn around mark, the OBS on offer and the fact that there is not too much to trip over made it even better.

A huge thank you to Lois, her family and the Plett Athletics Club for organizing the Full Moon Beach Run once again.  And who knows, maybe next year the moon might even make an appearance.