Let me just say that while i am writing this blog it is pouring buckets outside and the only reason my children and i are home so early is that the Wittedrift roads are busy flooding so us residents who live here all had to get home while we still could without using a boat. In the spirit of “the eternal optimist” i am going to write a Happy First Day of Spring blog anyway.

DSC07921 (2)

Yay, the 1st of September so officially the first day of Spring.  When my alarm goes off in the morning it is not pitch dark anymore and the days are not so cold.

I am not a Winter person and do not have a Winter friendly house, it faces completely the wrong way and i could rent it out as a walk in freezer mid Winter.  If fact, when i get home from work i open up all the doors and windows to let the “warm” air in.

I really battle to fit my runs in during the Winter so when the days start getting longer i breath a sigh of relief.  It means i can get going earlier in the morning or later in the evening and so not take too much time away from the family.

And i don’t need to wear my snowsuit when i set off on my run, disrobe 5 km’s in when i have warmed up and then turn into an ice block five seconds after i stop when i cool down.

Early morning events are also so much easier to cope with when you are more a person than a goosebump.

So no more excuses, hibernation is done, spring has sprung, summer is on its way.  As soon as it has stopped raining and the flood waters have receded i will be on the road again.

Happy warmer weather running everyone.