Although i love my trail runs they are normally reserved for the weekends when i have a bit more time.  This means that on my week runs i am often treading tar.

Now i know that the word “tar” strikes fear into the heart of many a self respecting trailee but come on now, we live in Plettenberg Bay.  Our town is by no means a concrete jungle and even when running on the road, depending on the route you choose, we are surrounded by amazing views.

One of my favourites is to run from the Beacon Isle, along the beach front roads, up Whale Rock (not my favourite part), down to Robberg Nature Reserve, then back along the beach front to the hotel.  This run in reverse is also quite special, the surrounding scenery is similar to what we see on our trail runs and the only thing you need to worry about is tripping over the odd cat eye which means you can actually take your eyes off where you are putting your feet and enjoy the view.  If you time it right and the tide is low you can even do part of it on the Robberg Beach.

So if my week runs mean i need to be treading tar i am really glad that i live in Plettenberg Bay.