So although many of us Plett runners have actually run Robberg i am not one of them.  I admit, it scares me a bit and knowing my track record for falling i am a bit nervous i will roll down the cliff and become shark bait.  I am, however, very happy to walk it and so today that is what the family and i did.

First of all it was a perfect “coming to the end of winter day” which Plett seems to throw us every now and again to remind us that summer is on its way and what a warm, incredible time we had.  The Robberg walk is always beautiful with spectacular views but today we had a special treat as we watched a shark glide through the water quite close to the rocks the whole time we walked along the Beacon Isle side.  We could see its shape clearly in the water and although i have walked Robberg many times it was the first time i have been lucky enough to see a shark.  I am not sure who was more excited; me, my mom or the boys.

We did the Witsand route which the children love because they get to run uncontrollably down the enormous sand dune and as my mom and i walked down behind them and all we could see was blue sky, the reserve and the sea i realized once again how blessed we are to live here.

So whether you run it or walk it the fact remains that Robberg Nature Reserve is on our doorstep for us to enjoy when ever we like and that we truly live in Paradise.

If you would like to run it the Plett Athletics club is hosting the Robberg Express for the second year in a row on the 3rd October when you can join other trailee junkees and maybe even spot your own shark.  An awesome event which was really enjoyed by the participants last year.