I have introduced you to two of my passions (excluding my family of course).  My running and my cycling, so it is only fair to introduce you to my third.

Her name is Blondie and she probably costs me more than both of my other loves combined. Take note unsuspecting parents, if your children are showing an interest in horses try and steer them in the direction of hamsters and your bank balance will remain healthier.  My parents, on the other hand, encouraged me and here i am at 42 years old still paying the price.

Blondie (not named by me but very apt for her) is my very special saddler mare and although she is 23 (getting on for a horse) because she stays in the most amazing livery she looks amazing, is healthier than ever and might even outlive me.

Blondie has taught me that sometimes you just need to stop for a while and smell the roses or in this case sit on the grass and that in our busy schedules taking time out to do not much at all can be really good for the soul and that a healthy me can more often than not outweigh a healthy bank balance.