So unless you live and operate in a bubble if you are a runner it is generally going to involve and affect other people.

Events or even social runs often involve early morning wake up calls and as quiet as i try to be invariably i will trip over a tackie or lose my breakfast bar in the pitch dark resulting in crashing, banging, soft swearing and having to turn the light on.  By now the rest of the family is also awake.

Significant others are also often involved in the driving to and fetching from events, spend ages standing on the sidelines for a five second glimpse of us as we run past or at the finish line to get a photo of us as we come through looking all triumphant and then of course there is the family time where one of the family members also known as the runner is noticeably absent due to their training schedule.  They have to listen to us babble on as we give them minute by minute details on how our run went, breath in our sweaty smell in the car on the way home and make all the right noises while they admire our latest medal.  They need to celebrate the highs with us and commiserate the lows all the while not letting their attention wander or their eyes roll.  Beware the supporter who wears sunglasses.

What would we do without our cheerleaders?  There is nothing more special for me mid running event seeing my family up ahead on the side of the road cheering and waving at me, it encourages me to carry on and gives me that little bit extra i need to make it to the end and as i hold my head up high and pick up my speed i realize that i owe them and in fact, all my medals, are actually theirs too.