I know i normally blog about running or cycling but sometimes my children provide me with a gem and i can’t resist.

The general rule in our house in no spending the day on the computer, the boys are allowed on at the end of the day after they have tidied their rooms and where ever else in the house they have managed to trash, had a shower and put on their pajamas.  This has the added benefit for me in that the house gets tidied and at the end of the day when i need the peace and quiet they sit like two zombies in front of the computer.  However they need to do something constructive during the day to get this privilege, this does not include lying like a sloth on the couch or floor and asking me every five seconds what the time is so they can work out how much longer until computer time.

So the other weekend my husband is having his Sunday afternoon nap when i hear my youngest shouting from the passage where he has looked in on his dad.  “Mom!”  he yells.  “What Oliver?”  I say.  “Dad isn’t doing anything constructive.” he yells back.

Where did i find this child?