Just once, i would so love to finish in the first half of the field.  Now i realize i am never going to stand on the podium although i have won my age category before in a shocking time.  Either i was the only female veteran or the others had severe handicaps like maybe no legs.

It would just be so nice to see my name up near the top of the list but for some reason my legs will not speed up.  The other day we were out running a trail when a pack of dogs came after us, all the girls who were chatting at the back broke into a sprint and shot off leaving me in their dust.  “Sprint Claire!” they shouted.   “This is my sprint!” i shouted back.   Fortunately the dogs turned out to be poodles and who can be scared of a poodle so no damage done except to my pride.

Even in the moms race when my little one started Grade 1 there were murmurs of “Claire will do well” as we stood on the start line.  “She is a runner you know”.  Well i came second last and only because one mom fell and no, i did not trip her.

Yes, i know, atleast i am out there running and not sitting on the couch eating chocolate.  So i will hold onto that thought, put my pride in my pocket while all shapes and sizes run past me (beerboeps included) and keep hoping for that first half of the field finish.