My children can be really sweet and the other day when i was rushing around trying to get everything done before i could go out for a run they suggested that they would get their own school lunches ready for the next day so i could head out the door.  What a brilliant idea!

So off i went and thought no more about it until the next day when i asked them after school whether they enjoyed their self made lunches.  The youngest replied that all was fine as he had made sure that he ate all the pieces of the roll that were not blue.

I have no idea where he found that roll and am pretty sure the teacher was horrified and is about to report me for the “worst mother of the year award”.

So, in future, i might have to put off my run until my childrens lunch making skills have improved and the mouldy rolls that have been lost in the back of the cupboard do not end up in the school lunch box.