Cycling vs Running

The big one is financial, unless you are going for the very top of the range in running shoes, you can get away with entry level tackies for a few R100, an old pair of “non rub” shorts and a T-shirt.  Cycling on the other hand you need to rob a bank for.  Firstly, the bike, even an entry level one will cost several R1000 and as for the “special ones”, well i am pretty sure you could charter a plane for not much more.  I am not sure what they put in the shammy of shammy pants, maybe gold dust, but they are not cheap and the right cycling helmet costs a fair sum too.  Of course once you get going you need tubeless tyres, conversion something or other brakes and cleats, once you have cleats you need to change your pedals.  The list goes on and on.  And if you really start to think about cleats the concept is quite worrying, they bring to mind an ejector seat in a helicopter or a parachute that wont open or an airbag full of cement.  Who invents something that prevents you from being able to dismount gracefully mid fall.

Cycling events are also way more expensive than running events and although i have yet to be able to afford to enter one when i do i am expecting an awesome goodie bag for my trouble, a really large medal and umpteen water tables.

And despite the fact that i am down from two pairs of shammy pants to one while cycling after a few hours on the saddle there is no amount of moving or shifting about that makes any difference whatsoever.

So whats the good news.  Cycling makes me feel like a kid again, the wind in my hair, (or what is sticking out from the helmet anyway), the feeling of freedom, the distances you can cover, the standing up on the pedals, the look mom no teeth or in quite a few cases broken collarbones that go with it.

And if i start saving now, who knows, in a few years time i might be able to upgrade and even enter an event or two.

Happy cyling everyone and apologies to anyone i have offended.