So last weekend I ran one of my favourites (of which i have several) half marathons.

Myself and several thousand others woke up at roundabout midnight in temperatures more suited to polar bears and mean that layers and layers of extra clothing are necessary, were herded into taxis so smoothly that the organizers could teach sheepdogs a thing or two, stumbled through the forest in the pitch dark to the start, waited forever in the portaloo queues and then sat on the ice cold forest floor for an hour and a half waiting for the run to begin.  And let me tell you that every one of us had a smile on our faces.

What a wonderful event, one that i have been back several times for.  The atmosphere is incredible, the taxi ride is a novelty, the forest is actually not so dark as it is lit up with generators and fires, the tog bag facility is well organized and we get to give back to the community by donating all the clothes and blankets we shed minutes before the race starts.

You are not necessarily going to get a PB on this run unless you manage to stand right in the front due to the sheer volume of other runners and the fact that the first few kms are a bit like uphill slalom racing but if you are happy to accept this you are going to be in good and plentiful company the whole way.  This is definitely a feel good run.  The forest and lagoon views are beautiful, it has some challenging ups and humbling downs, the water tables are organized and very festive and the elephant poo is a nice touch.

So i will be back again next year dressed to kill in my oros man impression outfit with a huge smile on my face and maybe, just maybe if i can get close enough to the front i will beat my time from last year.