I actually wrote this a year ago when i needed cheering up, as a result of this injury i learnt to love the bike and am now running and cycling.  

Hello, my name is Claire and I am a runner, or I was a runner until about three weeks ago when I got struck down by the dreaded shin splints.  Ok, if I am honest was struck down a it more than three weeks ago but like any perfectly sane and self respecting runner decided to run through the pain.  Needless to say did more damage so had to stop running altogether.  This is right up there with the plague of the locusts for us runners so before I harmed my nearest and dearest namely my husband and very tolerant children I had to find another way of getting my fix.  So although I swore I never would, until I am back on my feet I have joined the spolk folk.  Yes, yes I am sure you cyclists have a derogatory name for us runners too.  I dusted off my father in laws bike which has stood in our garage gathering dust for ages, donned my skimpy running shorts (big mistake) and set off on my first ride.  After forty minutes of sitting on the instrument of torture when I could barely see for the tears of pain in my eyes I headed back home wondering why on earth this was called a sport as opposed to an instrument of war.  But I persevered, a friend gave me a pair of cycling shorts, my brother gave me a bird cage to put upside down on my head (another good reason to avoid cycling)  and three weeks later I am quite enjoying it.

There are however a few things I need to warn other unsuspecting runnners who turn to cycling though.

Beware of going so slowly up a steep hill that you fall over sideways into the bushes next to the road.  Although I have taken many tumbles while running I have yet to topple over sideways.

A direct hit in the eye by a bug is far more painfull when cycling than when running due to the speed you are going (this does not apply when cycling uphill).

Do not think you will be featured in style magazine anytime soon.

Be prepared to be overtaken by the people you least expect.

Just the other day with the wind in my hair or what was sticking out from under the birdcage anyway, feeling like I was flying down the road thinking wow, I really have this cycling thing waxed I noticed a flash of orange coming up behind me.  Alas, it was not a police car with lights on about to give me a speeding fine but a car guard in his orange vest cycling to work on his very “not fancy” bike and no shammy pants in sight.

So I am thinking of taking up bowling until my shin splints heal and I can get back to my beloved running again.