When there is not enough mom power to meet the demands from all the mom dependents it may be necessary to interrupt the mom supply to certain recipients.

Road shedding is an effective way to avoid total collapse of the mom supply grid which could have disastrous outcomes for households everywhere.

By rotating and shedding the load in a planned and controlled manner, the system can remain stable.

Peak hours, also known as, power hours are mostly experienced between 5 and 8 pm.

The public can help by:

– Switching off unnecessary demands on mom during peak hours.

– Looking at alternative dinner solutions.

– Making sure mom has regular time in her tackies road shedding slots pretty much every day     of  the week.

– A road shedding schedule posted in strategic places around the house for all family members   to take note of would be a good idea.

Please be advised that due to the dynamic nature of road shedding information may change daily and moms cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or expenses directly or indirectly caused by road shedding.