I have always enjoyed running but really started taking it seriously after I had my first baby. Now any new mother who tells you it is a walk in the park, a happy ever after, a pleasure and a joy is either absoloutely lying through their teeth, delusional or has hot and cold 24 hour nannies.  The truth, for me anyway, was that i found it really rough and my running became my escape, my sanity, my me time.  So when my husband walked in from his hard day at work where he got to talk to other adults, go to the toilet in peace, finish a phone call without interruption, eat his lunch in one sitting, need I go on I handed my bundle of joy over and headed out the door.  On the days that the wheels had not only fallen off but got horribly lost I used to tell him that i might not turn around and come back, I might just run and run and run off into the sunset.  So now another baby later, what was I thinking, my children are much older, more independent and I am slowly pulling the pieces of my life back together.  And I am still running, for the love of it, for my sanity, for my health but most of all for me.